9 Feb 2018

Transformers Masterpiece MP-39 Sunstreaker

What a long time it's been waiting for an official Sunstreaker! So long in fact that many thought it was never going to happen! MP-12 Sideswipe released around the 2012 timeframe, and it was thought that Takara would take advantage of the Lamborghini licence and release a Sunstreaker quickly after.

But after years of waiting, all hope seemed lost until Takara finally announced it back in 2017. And what an amazing figure it is! Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, well worth the wait! Click through below to check out my thoughts over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel - make sure to subscribe and give the video a like :)

The set comes with a small array of accessories, along with the usual collector card and coin. The swap out face sculpts and alien mask show how Takara really have stepped it up to provide many options to replicate scenes from the original G1 cartoon series.

The car mode is absolutely spectacular. The engineering in this toy is astounding at times, and together with MP-36 Megatron really showcase a new era in the Masterpiece series. The designers have stated in past interviews that their focus has shifted to greater cartoon accuracy, greater articulation, greater moving parts, and greater use of paint. MP Sunstreaker brings those aspects in spades!

The classic car mode of Sunstreaker with the chromed engine at the rear is faithfully replicated. But the amazing thing is that they were able to design in a transformation sequence in the rear to be able to flip that exposed engine and revert it back to standard Countach mode!

Many speculate that this is one of the challenges that took Takara years to overcome in order to obtain official Lamborghini licencing for this character. Regardless, the fact they've been able to do so in such a seamless manner is an incredible feat of toy engineering.

The ability to fold the doors up and the head lights are the little attention to details that sets this figure apart. Not just from 3rd party figures, but also from his own MP brethren.

The transformation is bot mode was daunting for me. It takes me forever to transform MP figures, and with the higher level of complexity on Sunstreaker, it took me close to 40 minutes to complete the transformation the first time.

There are some scary parts that I discuss in my video review. The rotating windscreen requires finesse to get by what tiny clearances there are around the waist. I'm not even sure how I managed it, but it took me several attempts and some swearing to get it done!

The other scary part was the rotation of the backpack mechanism. Luckily I had read some reports of breakages at the location of the rotation. So I heeded the advice and rotated the part before clipping the backpack sections together. This certainly seems to require less force on the joint.

But there are aspects of the transformation that are a joy, and worthy to be noted as "Masterpiece Moments". I love the leg and feet transformation, and the final result alone makes this Sunstreaker far better than any of the 3rd party version. The way they've incorporated all the folding parts and the ability to tightly fold and clip it all together is amazing. It creates a beautifully streamlined lower half that none of the other versions have.

The "fake" windscreen doesn't bother me at all. The cartoon itself was a cheat that magically moved his Autobot insignia from the bonnet of the car to the roof of the car in the transformation. The way in which Takara have replicated that "cheat" is ingenious, and again creates a perfect cartoon accurate aesthetic in bot mode.

The articulation in bot mode is amazing! Everything nicely holds together, with firm joints in all the right places. With ratchet hips, butterfly shoulders, pivot wrists, and all the other usual articulation points, you will be able to get this figure into some incredible poses. It far exceeds that of previous MP figures, and sets a very high bar for future MPs.

Together with his brother Sideswipe, Takara have given us two incredible Lamborghini Countach figures. The first spawned a new age in the MP series back in 2012 along with Soundwave. And now the second in Sunstreaker helps launch this new era that takes Transformers engineering to the next level.

If Takara are able to announce long awaited characters like Jazz, Hound, Mirage, and Trailbreaker in this new style, it will continue to be an amazing time for Transformers fans.

Hot Toys MMS380 Doc Brown from Back to the Future Part 2

I got the new Hot Toys Marty McFly recently from Back to the Future Part 2, so it's good that they released the Doc Brown to complement Marty pretty soon after. This is unlike the original Marty release that still does not have a radiation suit Doc to display with him.

That aside, this new Doc Brown figure is still pretty nicely done by Hot Toys. Click through below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe and to give the video a like too :)

The set comes with a nice array of accessories, showcasing some of Hot Toys' attention to detail! The love the newspaper that the "before" paper to the newspaper that came with Marty showing the "after" paper with the altered history.

The case of emergency money is also nicely done, this time with little stickers that you apply to the case cover and for each money slot. Takes a bit of fiddling to get the stickers on, but gives it a nice unique touch to it.

The exclusive walkie-talkies are nice, and can be removed, but I'll keep them in their slip case. The set is rounded out with a couple of watches, the hynoptic device, his visor and binoculars, and various hands.

Of couse the most controversial part of the figure is the head sculpt. I think the likeness is OK, and the expression is really helped by the usual high quality Hot Toys facial paint app. The realism is nice, although the skin texture is a little too smooth. A few more wrinkles will add some age to the head sculpt for a bit more screen accuracy.

The use of the visor enhances the likeness too, but I went with the pose with him lifting them and looking at his watch. That sort of pose suits the facial expression the most I think.

The costuming is the usual high quality again, with various layers and details. The coat is nicely tailored, with a wire along the edge for poseability. I do think the coat and the pants are too yellow though. He comes across a bit too much like a canary, whereas in the movie the coat and pants were more of a dirty orange colour I think.

But still, the details in the red shirt, the socks, and especially the boots is very impression. I initially thought the boots had real laces, but they are simply molded laces well painted in red. The articulation is pretty good in the boots too, so that helps with some of the wide stances.

Together with the Marty figures and the Delorean, the Doc Brown figure looks fantastic. I really hope Hot Toys announces a radiation suit Doc from the first movie, as that's pretty much the only other figure I'd love to have in the collection!

29 Jan 2018

Transformers Masterpiece MP-12+ Sideswipe (anime colour edition) comparison

With Takara's push for more cartoon accurate Masterpiece figures, these "+" repaints are another easy way for them to justify a new repaint of an existing figure. They started with MP Red Alert, and now the latest is Sideswipe. I'm sure there'll be more repaints to come.

Overall, the choice of whether you pick up this new version will really depend on in which mode you prefer to display your Transformers, and whether you have the original release.

For a closer look, click through below to check out my review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for my MP Sunstreaker review!

The box and contents should be all familiar to MP collectors. The revised coin is another nice addition to the coin collection too. It comes with all the accessories that have been included in a number of previous MP Lambor repaint releases.

The difference in bot mode is where the new anime colour really comes to the fore. The more cartoon accurate paint scheme blends in aspects that were broken up by difference colours in the original. For example, the white elbows and the black ankles make the arms and lower legs more seamless.

The biggest improvement for me however it actually the white glossy paint app on most of the white surfaces. The forearms, torso, thighs and feet all have a very nice glossy premium paint app. Coupled with the white plastic elbows and white plastic hip joints, the overall look in bot mode is much better than the original release.

However, the original itself is much better in the car mode. In its quest for cartoon accuracy, Takara made the new version with blue, more transparent glass, which only allows the interior of the car to show through. This ruins the look by clearly showing the feet through the windscreen. The original has very classy dark glass that hides the interior, and just makes the Lamborghini Countach mode look sleeker and classier.

It also has extra black detailing around the air intakes and grooves along the back and rear of the car. So it makes for a much more realistic car mode. The black wheels are also nicer on the original, whereas the new version has grey wheels so that the bot mode has the grey parts on the sides of the legs as he did in the cartoon.

So as I said, if you display your collection mostly in bot mode, then I would say MP-12+ is the better choice. But if you prefer the car modes, then I would pick up the original if you don't already have it. Either option, Takara has to make some compromise in the aesthetic in each mode, so at least they're giving collectors an option to pick up either.

This old MP-12 mold is ageing a little now compared to the amazing engineering of the newer releases, but it still holds its own fairly well. A great figure in the MP series, so pick any version up I say!

Lego 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

I normally don't collect too many Lego sets outside of the Star Wars UCS series, but once I saw the Saturn V set I knew I had to get it! I'm an engineer by trade, and the story behind the development of the Apollo program is one of the legendary and most amazing systems engineering feats of all time.

Lego have done justice to the memory of the engineers and astronauts involved in the Apollo program. This set is just beautiful once complete, and commands presence on display.

I could barely contain my excitement when I received these two sets! The Saturn V initially sold out too on the Lego webstore, but luckily before Christmas it went back up on preorder. So I got my order in and it arrived early January. Just happy to secure both sets in my collection!

It's a pretty big set once complete, with a length of about 1m. It looks great displayed either vertically or horizontally using the little support beams that are included in the set.

To round out the set, I love the little Lunar Module and moon landing set, and the Command Module splashdown set. Bother are small, but have great little details that really complement the larger rocket. If you're a Lego fan, or someone who loves the space programs, this is a highly recommended set!

28 Jan 2018

Asmus Toys Lord of the Rings Boromir (rooted hair edition)

I've been loving the Lord of the Rings series by Asmus Toys. The head sculpts aren't quite up to the standards of Hot Toys, but the tailoring of the clothes and the quality of the accessories is second to none!

Add to that the fact they're pretty much the only 1/6th scale company to actually follow through and promise to complete the Fellowship of the Ring! With Boromir released now, only Gimli is left, and the teaser of that looks amazing.

This Boromir was released with two options, being a rooted hair version or a sculpted hair version. I think rooted hair adds just that bit of realism, so I went with that option. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it!

Click through below to check out my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for upcoming reviews :)

The packaging is consistent with previous releases in this series. It should be noted though that there was no cardboard insert with artwork this time, and no numbered edition as well. Their previous figures had these, so it's surprising they didn't do the same for Boromir.

Either way, it's another fantastic set by Asmus. Again the head sculpt isn't perfect, but the ability to futz the rooted hair gives plenty of opportunity to get the likeness better with good placement of the hair.

The accessories again are outstanding! The real metal sword and dagger have great detail to them, and really show that the likes of Hot Toys and Sideshow et al should not get lazy and just use plastic! The shield also has a nice wooden paint app with good weathering on the metal. The two cloaks are beautifully tailored and made of high quality materials. I'd go with the elven cloak because it's thinner and sits nicer on the shoulders.

The horn of Gondor is beautifully painted too, although it's let down by a strap that is far too short. It would've been so much nicer if Asmus had just given it an extra bit of length to hang on the body more naturally.

The outfit itself is outstanding. Lots of layers, and the attention to detail is definitely on show. With the assortment of hands to cater for the weapons, there's plenty of posing options. Overall articulation is decent, and once he's all setup, he looks pretty damn good!

I haven't set him up with the others just yet. I need to get some extra room in the cabinet, but once the  Fellowship are together, Asmus would have created an incredible display in 1/6th scale. I cannot wait to complete the core cast with Gimli, and I think Asmus has done the Lord of the Rings justice with this series of figures.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-15/16E Cassettbots vs Cassettrons

I love my Transformers Masterpiece repaints, especially for molds that I don't have many repaints already. The cassettes released as part of MP-13, MP-13B, MP-15, and MP-16 have been out for a while now, and I haven't got any cassettes to display in their actual cassette mode.

So when this new MP-15/16E repaint was announced, I couldn't resist. I really have no idea behind the source of these characters, be it some comic or some E-Hobby exclusive G1 toy back in the day. Either way, they looked pretty good, and the inclusion of a new mold for Steeljaw was a great bonus.

Click through below to check out my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Packaging is unique in that it holds 4 cassettes whereas previous releases included two only. The colours are bright, and most paint apps are done nice and cleanly.

The collector coin is another nice addition to my MP coin collection. The cassette modes are all clean and show off the 80s media of choice quite nicely.

The bot/animal modes are pretty nice too, and the overall QC is good. My Nightstalker did come with a reversed paw, but the fix to remove and flip it over was quick and easy. This new Steeljaw mold is decent, and I really hope it is a tease for an official MP Blaster soon!

The other three are decent repaints, and have enough differentiation in colour to at least make them interesting. If you're a fan of TF Masterpiece figures, I'm sure you'll love these in the collection.

Asmus Toys Lord of the Rings Merry and Pippin expansion set

Asmus released their first Hobbits in Merry and Pippin a while back now, and the head sculpts were a little lacking. So in their quest for continual improvement, they've started releasing these expansion or upgrade sets that include updated head sculpts.

For these, I think the likeness and detailing in the hair has definitely improved. The facial paint application still isn't up to the lofty standards of Hot Toys in terms of realism, but it's still pretty good.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with these upgrades, especially since they also include the capes that each Hobbit used before they were given the elven cloaks. So that's another good option for displaying these in your collection.

Hope you can click through below to watch my full review of these over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! Make sure to give it a like, and to subscribe to stay tuned for all the upcoming videos :)

21 Jan 2018

Big haul to start 2018!!

I got back earlier in January from a couple of weeks overseas. And there was a lot of stuff waiting for me back home! Some was meant to arrive before Christmas and Australia Post just couldn't get their shit together. Other stuff had just been released.

Click through to check out my haul video over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can subscribe and stay tuned for all the reviews coming soon! :)

12 Jan 2018

Hot Toys MMS379 Marty McFly from Back to the Future Part 2

It's taken a while for Hot Toys to release their Back to the Future Part 2 figures, but now Marty is here and Doc has just been recently released in HK. Click through below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

The set comes with a decent array of accessories, but I really do hate the large dynamic stand. I wish Hot Toys would also include the old black oval bases that they used to. Those do the job well and still look classy. This dynamic stand will probably be my 4th or 5th one that I've just stored away in a drawer never to be used!

The exclusive version I got from Sideshow includes a couple of extra hands to go with the gun from the Wild Gunman arcade game. Not really an essential exclusive accessory, so if you're only getting the regular version you're not really missing out on too much.

I do like the other accessories including the swap out hair and cap, Pepsi bottle, hoverboard, almanac and bag, and newspaper. The shoe container is also not bad, but pretty pointless when he's wearing the shoes lol. It's a shame none of the accessories have their official brand logos, such as Nike and Mattel. This is similar to the first Marty McFly figure, so I'm sure the custom decal makers will have a good run of orders.

The head sculpt I think is a slight improvement in likeness over the first figure. But it's strange in that the first head sculpt seems to work better with poses from that movie. The expression Hot Toys have chosen for this version is far too serious and sombre, particularly when posed on the hoverboard! Something more determined or action-oriented would've been far better.

The jacket is nicely tailored, although I did have some trouble getting it to sit symmetrically on both sides of the neck. I also worry about the sleeves due to their rubber/vinyl type material that could degrade over time. The jeans were also a tad too short I think, but overall the outfit is decent and does the job well for this iconic costume from Part 2.

I couldn't quite get the figure to sit on the hood of the Delorean properly, so gave up and just have him standing there now. Will have to trawl the figure forums and groups for more inspiration on a long-term pose.

Overall, I think the figure is nicely made, and will look great next to the upcoming Doc Brown too. I do wish they announce a radiation Doc to go with the first Marty though. Either way, if you're a BTTF fan, I'm sure you'll be pretty happy with this figure.

Hot Toys VGM24 Snowtrooper Deluxe

I wasn't planning on getting a Hot Toys Snowtrooper since I already had the old Sideshow version, but the local Aussie Christmas sales were actually pretty damn good this year! Unfortunately I missed out on even bigger discounts after Christmas on this figure, but overall I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

Click the link below to check out my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

This Deluxe set certainly comes with a lot of accessories, with additional features from the Battlefront game. I'll be sticking with the core accessories from the movie though, but options are always good.

The improvement over the previous Sideshow version is immediately obvious. The helmet and veil is a massive improvement in terms of movie accuracy. The visor is much better, and the thin veil material moves and changes with different orientation of the helmet.

The underlying body is also a big improvement, with articulation that is far superior to the Sideshow figure. There are still aspects of the Sideshow figure I like, such as the pants and kama material. If I can find a cheap Hot Toys helmet, I might keep the Sideshow figure and just replace the helmet!

Overall, if you're a fan of The Empire Strikes Back, you'll be very happy with this Snowtrooper figure!

26 Dec 2017

Sideshow Collectibles Han Solo in Carbonite

Been waiting years for Sideshow to complete their Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter troupe! With Zuckuss and Dengar on the way in early 2018, it was perfect timing to release the new Han Solo in Carbonite.

Overall, it's a great looking piece for display, but don't really think it's worth the $250 asking price! The lightup features are nicely done, and the paint app is decent, although could be slightly more metallic on its main front face.

Click the link below for my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Box was actually a lot larger than I was expecting. Contents were all encased in foam similar to their larger statues. Everything was stored fairly sturdily.

On display with the bounty hunters, the Han Solo in Carbonite looks fantastic. An alternative base for the Jabba the Hutt scene would've been nice too, but the options they gave to display in the vertical or horizontal Bespin positions is pretty good too.

Overall, if you're a big fan of ESB and bounty hunters, then this will fit in nicely with your collection!

Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization Jango Fett

I was impressed with the Prototype Boba Fett paint application, but it turned out I was less impressed with this Jango Fett repaint! Overall still a nice addition to the Star Wars Samurai collection, but not a must-have.

Click through below for my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Make sure to give it a like and subscribe too :)

Box art and contents are pretty standard with the previous Boba Fett figures. The double pistols are nicely done, but putting them in the holsters looks awkward. Much better to simply have him holding them!

Posed with the other Boba Fetts, these all look incredible together. The variant paint app across the three really pops on display. Will probably be it for me with this particular Boba Fett mold. Hopefully more focus on new characters for 2018!

22 Dec 2017

Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization Sohei Darth Maul

The Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization has been a unique series of Star Wars figures that I have loved from the very beginning. Bandai have been pretty slow at releasing new characters though, so any new mold is something to watch out for and add to the collection.

The new Darth Maul is no exception, and right up there with the best from the series so far. Click through below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Scroll further down too for some more thoughts and photos.

The box art is the usual classy style in this series, with a great pic of the figure on the front and the array of poses and accessories shown on the rear. The figure doesn't come with too much, but what you do get is of high quality and goes well with the figure.

The articulation on the body is as you would expect, and is consistent with the previous figures in the series. The kama around his waist and legs is a softer material that does not hinder the movement of the legs too much.

The shoulder pads are an interesting addition, since they were not shown in the concept art if I remember correctly. They don't look too bad, but are a bit fiddly to get in a decent position when posing the figure.

The head sculpt is a definite highlight for me. Looking at the prototype figures, it wasn't clear how they were designing the face. The choice they've gone with using a disfigured face that is then covered by a battle mask is a perfect combination for this series. The menacing sculpt is a fantastic representation in this feudal Japanese style, especially with the "sohei" sub-title meaning he's a warrior monk.

The base head sculpt is nicely sculpted, with little flames coming out of the eyes. The teeth are also nicely painted, as are all the tattoos on his face. The only main nitpick with the head sculpt is the colour bleed of the red onto the golden horns.

I was able to rub off some of the red paint that had made its way onto the horns, but not all of it. It's not too noticeable in amongst the black weathering, but was a little annoying and should've been avoided at this price point.

The battle mask is painted in a nice glossy red, and is made of a softer plastic so that it can be placed over the horns and top half of his face. There is a warning in the instruction book that placing the mask may rub off paint on the figure, so I'd avoid using it or taking it on and off too much.

I actually think the base disfigured head sculpt looks better without the mask, since the mask makes the top half of the head stick out a bit too much. In the end, I think he looks better on display holding the mask in some way.

The doubled hilted scimitar is beautifully designed, and I love the gentle curvature that it gives in truly ancient Japanese / Chinese style. The transluscent red plastic is similar to Vader's, and looks great with light passing through it. The hilt itself is nicely sculpted and painted too, with gold and silver highlights.

The blade does come apart at the hilt into its separate halves that he can hold in each hand. I love that Bandai even made the little peg removeable that holds the two sides together. This way when he's holding both halves, there's not some strange nub on one of them. Great attention to detail there.

The sculpting and paint app on the costume is pretty good. The forearms and shin armour parts have a nice rust paint application that really sets off the patterning. The waist part is painted in a nice greenish jade metallic colour that offsets the black well. Both front and back are nicely painted.

The beads around his neck are removeable, but as a warrior monk I think he looks better with them on. The bronze colour also gives a nice contrast to the black outfit. It's a shame they arent all separate beads held together with string of some sort. They are a single molded piece of plastic that separates out into the two layers of the beads. It's an OK compromise, but separate beads on real string really would've set it off.

Displayed with the other figures, it becomes clear to me that this series of figures continues to be one of the most interesting and unique Star Wars figures around. The build quality is great, the style in the sculpting is awesome, and the paints application really highlight the figures to their best potential.

There have been a lot of repaints, but if Bandai continue to release new molds of this quality, I'm up to get every figure the release in this series! I hope they announce the Gamorrean Guard and other bounty hunters like IG-88. With more unique characters, this series could truly become legendary!

1 Dec 2017

Hot Toys MMS366 Ellen Ripley from Alien

It's been a pretty long wait for Hot Toys to finally release their Ellen Ripley figure from Alien. Various prototypes had been shown at conventions, and the preorder was announced back in early 2016 I think, due for a late 2016 release.

But delays occurred and the figure was only just released after a delay of almost 12 months. Overall, it's definitely worth the wait to finally add a female screen icon to the collection!

Click through below to check out my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

There aren't a huge array of accessories, but what you do get is decent and done fairly well. The stand is the same as the one provided with the earlier Alien Warrior with of course her nameplate. The movement tracker and flamethrower are nicely sculpted, with decent weathering and paint application.

The cat carrier is also nicely done, and fits Jonesy pretty well. The cat itself isn't that great, but does the job. I'll have mine displayed inside the carrier so no big deal there for me.

The head sculpt is pretty good, and would look even better if they had given it rooted hair instead of the sculpted hair. The sculpted hair is OK, with decent detail, but sits a little wide and lacks some of the natural fall that rooted hair would've given.

The facial paint app and eyes are the usual high Hot Toys standard. The open mouth expression is good too, and from many angles the likeness with that expression is quite accurate.

The costuming is awesome, with nice use of materials and stitching. The outer jump suite is nicely weathered with a dirt wash, with lots of little details in the pouches, zips, and fabric ties. The costume also includes the cream shirt and green tshirt underneath. Together, the different layers give a nice accurate outfit that represents her character perfectly from the movie.

Articulation wise the body has everything standard 1/6th figures should have these days. However, the joints are a bit loose, especially around the hips and knees. They are much floppier than other Hot Toys figures I've had, so hopefully this is just a once-off and not some drop in overall build quality on their part.

EDIT: Thanks to Ander Perez over on the One Sixth Republic group for pointing out that I have the bloody flamethrower held in the opposite direction in the left pic below! Bloody stupid of me to be sure lol!!! Corrected in the pic on the right! :D

For my collection, it's great to finally add one of my favourite female heroines to the classic action movie shelf. I really do hope Hot Toys announces the Aliens version of Ripley with the Power Loader. I'd definitely make room somehow in the collection for those two!

Asmus Lord of the Rings Aragorn upgrade head sculpt

The head sculpt from the original release of the Asmus Aragorn figure wasn't too bad, but certainly had room for improvement. Recently Asmus has made a point of releasing upgrade sets that collectors can order to improve their previously released figures.

In the case of Aragorn, the upgraded head sculpt provides essentially the same head sculpt, but with rooted hair. It certainly has pros and cons when compared to the original sculpted hair version.

Click through below to check out my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

It definitely needs some patience to futz the hair into something that looks natural. I'm still not quite there I think, but at least to a point I'm happy enough to put it up on display. I think the hair looks fairly natural, especially if you're able to get some of the strands to fall across the face to give it a more natural wind swept look.

One thing to watch out for is the neck joint. Apparently first batch releases of the sculpt did not include the neck peg, so collectors could not attach it to the body! Asmus sent out neck pegs, and a 2nd batch of head sculpts that had the neck peg included, and luckily I got the 2nd batch version. Still, the neck peg makes the head quite loose on the figure so it's hard to position the head properly.

In the end, I'm glad Asmus is trying to improve their products by giving collectors the option to buy these head sculpts. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how they do with the upgraded Merry, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam sculpts!

18 Nov 2017

Hot Toys MMS387 Doctor Strange

I really enjoyed Doctor Strange at the cinemas, and loved its mix of humour, mind-bending CGI, and overall mysticism. I thought it was a fresh departure from the usual Iron Man and Captain America style that's more bound with realism in some ways.

So when Hot Toys announced the figure and that it was going to be stacked with accessories, I was all in on the purchase! And I'm definitely glad I did! This definitely ranks right up there as pretty much my figure of the year so far!

Check out my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel below.

You can tell Hot Toys put a lot of effort into this release. Everything is beautifully designed, from the box art and opening mechanism, to the numerous accessories and diorama backdrop, and the tailoring and materials used in the outfit. That's not even mentioning the amazing head sculpt that is one of their best in a long time!

Hot Toys does the best sculpted hair in the business without a doubt in my eyes. The detailed stranding and paint application is beautiful and very realistic. The likeness to Benedict Cumberbatch is spot on perfect, with the usual Hot Toys realistic skin texture and glassy eyes.

The accessories are beautifully detailed, especially the Cloak of Levitation and Book of Cagliostro. The different materials and stitching on the cloak is very nice, and the book folds out with actual writing on its individual pages. Amazing attention to detail.

The general outfit is definitely on of the most intricate from Hot Toys in a while. There are various layers to the outfit, and the belts all hold things in place. In my video, I do show the belts taken off and how the outfit can be adjusted underneath. Luckily the main press stud on the belt is better quality and doesn't break as easily as other press studs.

There's lot of detail in the tailoring, with nice pleats and folds, different materials, and other mixed media for the tassels and boots. It's just fantastic work by Hot Toys on the outfit.

It was still a bit of a pain for me to try and get the outfit symmetrical, but I got it as good as I could. The cloak doesn't fit around the neck as nicely as I had hoped either, but overall on display, it still looks pretty amazing. With plenty of poseability and various hand gestures to use, there's lots of display options for this figure.

If you're sitting on the fence on this one, I'd highly recommend picking this up. I think by the end of 2017, this will likely still be my choice of 1/6th scale figure of the year in my collection!